DOI service of the University of Vienna

Digital Object Identifier is one of several persistent identifiers that are assigned to digital objects at the University of Vienna. With a DOI you make it easier to cite and find your work. A DOI is defined only once for each document and remains permanently linked to it (similar to an ISBN). With the help of a DOI resolver, the document can be retrieved at any time regardless of the actual server address. The DOI always leads to the landing page of the object, i.e. to the information about the object (metadata), not to the object itself.

As a member of DataCite, the University of Vienna currently offers its members the following options for assigning a DOI with the prefixes of the University of Vienna:



A DOI can be assigned retrospectively for digital objects that are already stored in a stable repository of the University of Vienna (currently Phaidra or u: scholar).


This variant gives you, for example, the option of saving the DOI in the object itself as additional metadata information next to the title, author, etc. before the object is uploaded to Phaidra or u: scholar.


DOIs can be applied for for articles in OJS journals that are hosted via the OJS service of the University of Vienna. If you have any questions, please contact the Open Access Office.

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Allocation of DOIs within the framework of projects

For the automated assignment of DOIs within the framework of projects that store large amounts of data records in a stable repository of the University of Vienna, please send your request to  

For social science projects there is also the possibility of data storage and DOI allocation in AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive.

The prerequisites for the assignment of a DOI at the University of Vienna is that

  • the digital object is stored permanently and long-term in a repository of the University of Vienna (for example Phaidra or u: scholar)
  • a DOI was not assigned for this object in any other repository and
  • at least one author (or editor) of the digital object is a member of the University of Vienna (login required).
  • In addition, DOIs can also be assigned for articles in journals hosted via OJS3.